Community Involvement

Nearly one-half of Cattle Farmers and Ranchers volunteer with youth organizations and more than one-third donates their time to other civic organizations compared to a national average of only 7% of all Americans (Beef Check off). At Foster Feed Yard, we also believe in investing in tomorrow. We believe that our youth are not only our tomorrow but our future leaders. As our forefathers invested in us, we like to get involved and invest in the youth. Whether it is through school, sports, or community functions, Foster Feed Yard gets involved.

Foster Feed Yard also likes to participate in community events. Events that vary from local to national, It just doesn’t matter. Investments vary in form from pounds of beef, monetary, or time donated. Employees donate time in teaching youth of the beef animal. Assisting kids in health, nutrition, daily care, or livestock judging are common reasons. PowerPoint presentations have also been given to various groups. Day in a Feedyard, Imperial Valley Cattle Industry, Healthy Beef, have all been titles of presentations given. We believe we have to be involved in communities our families are also involved in.