About Us

Howard Foster, the founder of Foster Feed Yard, was born in 1919 and he was born with a love of cattle. When he purchased his family farm from his father in 1944 he switched the emphasis from producing crops to producing cattle. He started commercially feeding cattle for clients in 1950 and within a few years was feeding eighteen thousand head.

Howard was interested in all aspects of cattle production and it was this interest that led him to own large ranches in New Mexico and Arizona, packing houses in Texas and California and an order-buying business in Texas as well.

Howard was a product of his time to be sure: hard-drinking, hard-working and relaxing in a big way: his annual cattle-men’s parties were often attended by hundreds from every facet of the cattle business.

Howard also enjoyed helping others and several very influential people in the cattle industry today got a hand up from Howard Foster.

Among those things he most enjoyed were practical jokes and pranks, and no one was safe from them, neither his employees, his business associates, not even total strangers. He always had time to laugh, even at himself.

Howard died in 1994, but his spirit lives on in his family and in all those who had the good fortune to become acquainted with him.

Howard loved only one thing more than cattle: his family. And now both his sons, Rod and Gary carry on the family business, adapting to new circumstances and a changing and expanding world.