Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business

Welcome to Foster Feed Yard!

Located in California’s Imperial Valley, Foster Feed Yard is one of the first cattle feeding businesses established in the United States. For four generations the Foster Family has been producing the finest quality beef available for consumers in our own valley, nationally and internationally to enjoy. Our primary concern has always been our customers’ complete satisfaction, while assuring them of the wholesomeness and safety of the beef they purchase.

Foster Feed Yard extends the meaning of a family business to its employees: many of them work with us for a lifetime. This has allowed us to have a highly trained work-force, with each individual developing the special skills needed to perform his particular tasks, whether it is in running the feed-mill, checking the health of the cattle, feeding the cattle or doctoring them. Many of these skills take years to perfect. Each and every employee plays an important role in making our product the best in the marketplace, from the management to those making sure the cattle have fresh water—all are essential.

While being among the oldest cattle feeding operations in the country, we have always been at the forefront of innovation, adjusting to changing and expanding markets and incorporating technological advances.